EFPT Dam-X 2016

17.10.2016 EFPT, Jeanette Kühn - Sarah-Quita Offringa und Stephen van Broekhoven gewinnen die Overall-Titel der European Freestyle Pro Tour 2016. Adam Sims siegt beim Tow-In-Wettbewerb.

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EFPT Dam-X 2016: Siegerehrung
EFPT Dam-X 2016: Siegerehrung

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Van Broeckhoven & Offringa claim 2016 titles

At the final day here at the DAM-X event at the Zeil- and Surfcentrum Brouwersdam the wind unfortunately never kicked in properly so the official freestyle competition had been called off by race director Tom Hartmann just around 1.00pm.

We are looking back on an amazing event with great conditions and one of the most spectacular freestyle shows of the year. 36 men and 10 women were battling it out in a whole single and double elimination.

After winning also the first ever European womens freestyle champion title in 2015, powerhouse from Aruba Sarah-Quita Offringa (Starboard/Neilpryde) could defend her position in 2016 against her biggest opponents: Dutchies Arrianne Aukes (North/Fanatic) who became second and Maaike Huvermann (Starboard/Severne) who got third.

Belgian rider Steven Van Broeckhoven (JP/Neilpryde) who won already four EFPT titles (2009, 2010, 2013, 2014) could once again prove that he was still on top of his game pulling another freestyle champion title in 2016. Van Broeckhoven managed to win every EFPT event in 2016 and showed his skills in very varying conditions.

To read more about the action at day 5 please click HERE

With a very promising forecast of south-westerly wind of up to 20 knots the day was kicked off with the skippersmeeting at 9.00 am. However, due to a high cloud coverage and rain the wind didn't seem to come through properly. Since the conditions were improving more and more around lunchtime, the horn for the first heat of the day went off just around 1.00 pm. Unfortunately the ladies heat with Marianna Vagni against Farrah Hall and Margo Kurvink against Tess Van der Hulle was cancelled not long afterwards as the stronger gusts came through less and less. The fleet was held on stand-by and 15 minutes announcement during the remaining afternoon.

When the wind dropped off more and more race director Tom Hartmann decided to keep the sailors on stand-by, yet run the tow-in final. With the beach full of spectators, sunny weather and a fleet of very impressive tow-in riders the final was a pleasure to watch.

Each finalist got three runs with the best one counting. The best ten riders of the three qualification rounds yesterday put on an amazing show right in front of the big crowd at the Zeil- and Surfcentrum Brouwersdam. With just a little bit of wind and chop the sailors were going way higher than usually and could land their moves nicely.

To read more about the action at day 4 please click HERE

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