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Vom 29.05. bis 01.06.2014 findet in Gruissan, Frankreich, zum 14. Mal die DEFI WIND mit einem riesigen Teilnehmerfeld statt.

Le Défi Wind 2013 – Start der Flotte

Presseinfo vom 2.5.2014:

This year again, during the Ascension weekend, Gruissan will see the arrival of a strange tribe of people in heavily-loaded cars. Just arrived, they seem to know the spot well, and make themselves at home.

These rare specimens called windsurfers or sailboarders have signed up for the 14th edition of Défi Wind, an event which attracts participants from beyond the borders of France, with windsurfers coming from different countries in Europe, Israel at the other end of the Méditerranean, and as far as New Zealand and South Korea, separated from France by a few oceans.

Among the participants of this 14th edition, there will be those who we look forward to seeing challenge one another; Delphine Cousin, Slalom world champion in 2013 will be there, as will Julien Bontemps, silver medallist at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and 5th place at the last Olympics. There will also be those ready to defend their titles - Olivier Biétrix, first amateur and Justin Denel, first youth competitor from 2013.

Others windsurfers participate as part of a team; the clubs from Marignane, the CNM being the best represented, closely followed by the Fun Fos from Fos sur Mer and finally the l’YC from Carnac. It goes without saying that les Bouches du Rhône are already on the warpath for Défi Wind 2014.

Défi Wind is also a unique coming-together of the Tramontane, Gruissan, and hundreds of passionate windsurfers at the same time on the same starting line. We knew this already, but it is a melting pot of windsurfers of all ages and from all walks of life. 1941 et 2001, these are the years in which two participants were born - 60 years separates the experience and the enthusiasm of these two participants in Défi Wind 2014.

Yes, Défi Wind is an experience to live, a huge amount of passion, effort, dozens of kilometers in each tack to be sailed with mates, family, and other windsurfers from the four corners of the globe, fists raised at the finish line just to say "I finished!”.

In a little more than a month - come play with us!

If you would like to take part in Défi Wind – the ultimate endless windsurfing challenge – see the registrations page for further details.

Don’t hesitate! Entry fees increase from 8 May!


For Défi Wind 2014 a major change has been implemented in the rankings with the aim of minimizing confusion and to showcase the different age brackets represented. There will therefore no longer be the ranking of amateurs and the rankings of pros, the barrier between which was extremely difficult to define fairly. On the other hand, we have introduced new breakdowns for age-group competitors. This should add a bit of excitement to the racing for certain competitors and also make it possible to recognize the performances of a number of competitors who are outside the running for podium positions in the scratch standings. The first three competitors in each category will be rewarded for their performances on the final results podium. It should be noted that it is the year of birth which determines the category. Categories of Défi Wind 2014• Men scratch - H 13-15 ans / - H 16-19 ans / - H 20 - 29 ans / - H 30 - 39 ans / - H 40 - 49 ans - H 50 - 59 ans / - H 60 ans et + • Women Scratch - F 18 ans


Le Défi Wind 2013 - Fahrerlager

From May 29 mai to 1 June all self-respecting windsurfers will head for Gruissan to share their passion for windsurfing, feet in their straps and hooked into their harnesses among hundreds of windsurfers, all who have been bitten by the bug. Among these will also be distributors of windsurfing equipment. These brands are run by passionate windsurfers who would not for the world miss the annual rendezvous that is Défi Wind. More brands than in previous years will make the trip to participate in our party, and to encourage us to dream about great equipment. Representatives of the following brands will be present at Gruissan this year: Avanti / Exocet /Fanatic / JP Australia  / Ka Sails /  Loft Sails /Naish / NeilPryde / North Sails / Nove Nove / Point 7 / RRD / Sails Loft /   Xo sails.

Among the exhibitors you will also find travel agents: Ultramarina Golf & Glisse and  Fun & Fly, who both organize training clinics for Défi Wind.

Other noteworthy stands include: «Canary Islands – Lanzarote», BoxRider (trailers), 1ère Bulle (Limoux sparking one), Sosh, and of course the fashion and wetsuit label that has been a long-time supporter of Défi Wind: Soöruz !

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