EFPT in Six Fours les Plages

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Die 5. European Freestyle Championships im Rahmen der European Freestyle Pro Tour EFPT findet vom 24. bis 27. Oktober 2013 am Brutal Beach in Südfrankreich statt.

The bay of Brutal Beach

(Presseinfo vom 4.9.2013)

After an incredible and epic stage in Six Fours/Le Brusc in October 2012, the EFPT is back on the shores of South France ! From the 24th to 27th of October, the city of Six Fours les Plages welcomes back the « European Funboard Expression ». The 5th edition will host, again, another important stage of the European Freestyle circuit. For this, the event has been renamed « European Freestyle Expression » as it is now 100% fully devoted to the freestyle discipline for 3 years! However, this time, the organization has decided to set everything up on the renowned and famous spot of ‘Brutal Beach’ ! New name, new spot… Now let’s pray for great conditions, especially as former freestyle world champ Steven Broeckhoven announced he’s join this year !!!

Brutal Beach Championships 2012

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Some impressions from the European Freestyle Pro Tour 2012 at Brutal Beach, France

The story of ‘Brutal beach’

Legend has it that ‘Brutal Beach’ got its name from Robby Naish. As he arrived on the beach of Bonnegrâce during an epic World Cup stage in 1986, the Hawaiian exclaimed ‘wow, it’s brutal!’ when he saw the rough conditions. The stage of this World Cup has been written in all memories, for the local wind, the ‘Mistral’ blew violently, raising incredible waves. The finals saw Naish facing Dünkerbeck in front of a very warm public, happy to see for the first time the best riders of the windsurfing scene on their spot. From then, the local riders of Bonnegrâce kept the name of ‘Brutal beach’, but this is the legend, and the locals like to tell it this way when someone asks curiously.

Brutal Beach

Because it’s going to be at Brutal beach this year, we have asked the EFPT tour manager and some riders their opinion about this new idea :

Tom Hartmann (EFPT tour manager): "After a great EFPT event last year in Six-Fours, we can’t wait for the 2013 tour stop at the end of October. This time the competition will take place at the famous "Brutal Beach”, which provides a great setup for the event. The spot has good sailing conditions and an improved infrastructure that makes it more convenient for spectators to watch the freestyle show.”

Dieter Van Der Eyken (Netherlands – EFE 2012 winner, actually world ranked 4th): "I will join the EFPT at Six Fours again this year to defend my first place from last year. I have never sailed Brutal beach before, but it looks more wavy than le Brusc. For spectators, it will be much better as more people pass there but I think the sailing will be harder which will give us more air moves on the way out! It defiantly will be different compared to last year!"

Antony Ruenes (France - world ranked 5th and best French): "The fact that it's going to be organized at 'Brutal Beach' this year will bring more people to come and watch the show. As the spot is more wavy than Le Brusc, it will spice up the contest, which is cool! Every year, it looks like the EFE is growing up."

Adrien Bosson (France - world ranked 13th and 2nd French):  "Following the success of previous editions organized in Le Brusc, the fact that the event now takes place at 'Brutal Beach' is a very good thing for visibility, access, parties and especially the action! I do not often sail on this spot, I know it is not easy and that there are more waves than in Le Brusc, so you can be sure the manoeuvres will reach another level with more height this year!"

You can already have a look at our website www.efe-sixfours.com . It will be updated within the next weeks with the full program & more or check www.facebook.com/EuropeanFreestyleExpression.   

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