EFPT Mondial du Vent 2018: Adam Sims gewinnt Tow-In-Session

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150.000 Zuschauer besuchten das Event in La Franqui, Leucate vom 18. bis 22. April. Adam Sims hat am letzten Tag das Tow-In gewonnen.

EFPT Mondial du Vent 2018: Adam Sims gewinnt Tow-In-Session

Presseinformation EFPT:

21 riders signed up for the first international freestyle event this season. Unfortunately the wind didn’t play ball this time and we got to leave the event with no result for the freestyle competition. However, the tow-in contest once again stood out in an event schedule that was action packed. With the perfect weather, hundreds of people gathered every day to see some of the best riders of the world putting on an incredible show.

Adam Sims (Sailloft/Patrik) won the tow-in after two exciting qualification rounds and one big final yesterday. The local riders Sam Esteve (JP/Neilpryde) and Nico Akgazciyan showed a sick performance and Goya rider Antoine Albert from New Caledonia proved why he was one to watch out for in this discipline. Watching back some videos from the past few years it became obvious how much this discipline developed and how professional the riders are handling it at the events.

Worth mentioning are also the young up and coming talents of this fleet like Nil Bacon Aubert (Severne/Starboard), Felix Volkhardt (JP) and Alex Mertens (Severne/Fanatic). All the riders showed huge potential in the tow-in and one could basically measure their improvements run by run. We are looking forward to see more of them, especially and above all in the freestyle competition.

After a beautiful prize-giving in the evening it was time to say goodbye to the Mondial du Vent - at least for this year. We are looking back on five amazing days with a great crew, amazing riders and some outstanding action.

The EFPT will now travel onward to Neusiedl am See, Austria where the famous Surf Worldcup will be staged from the 27th of April - 1st of May. Fingers crossed for some good conditions at this five star event in Austria, so the riders can properly start the chase for the European Freestyle Pro Tour title 2018.


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