EFPT Neusiedler See 2009

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Die European Freestyle Pro Tour während des DWARF8 Surfworldcup Podersdorf hat einen Sieger: Nicolas Akgaczyan (EFPT Pressereport, englisch, 02.05.2009)

Nicolas Akgazcyan (Foto: Chris Singer)

Sweet double elimination finished. Nicolas Akgaczyan did it again…

Again an early start in Poderdorf at the DWARF8 Surfworldcup Podersdorf, the wind was pulling at the tents during the whole and didn?t stop in the morning at all. At 09.00 Headjudge Tom Hartmann sent the competitors on the water to finish the double elimination. Probably everyone on the beach had his money on Chris Sammer (FANATIC/NORTH SAILS), the local hero and absolutely the man of the day. Chrisi who won the event some years ago was sailing through 7 heats in a row beating big names all over the place but was stopped in the end by Tonky Frans (F2/GAASTRA).

The crowd on the beach was keeping their fingers crossed for the Austrian rider but finally had to admit that tonky did a great job.

The dude from Bon Aire was on fire and after he finished of chrisi he also managed to put RAIMONDO GASPERINI (STARBOARD) behind him. In the end it was Nico against Tonky and the beach was loaded with people. The boys did the ultimate classic show and where showing body drags, extremely nice willy skippers, spocks and loops just in front of the beach.

No one could tell who will win this one and everyone was hopping for tonky so they had to sail gain but after quite long time the judges announced their decision and Nico was on top.

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