European Freestyle Championship – Six Fours les Plages 2015

  • Jeanette Borchers
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Die 7. European Freestyle Expression am Brutal Beach in Frankreich findet vom 29.10. bis 01.11.2015 statt. Impressionen vom letzten Jahr findet ihr im Teaser...

PRESS RELEASE # 1 -  October 2nd 2015       

'The final of the European Freestyle Championship is confirmed in Six Fours !' The 7th edition of the 'European Freestyle Expression' in Brutal Beach is on the way. In less than 1 month now, right after the upcoming EFPT event in Brouwersdam (Nederlands), the best freestyle champions will come from all over Europe to join the shores of Six Fours les Plages for the ultimate stage of the European Freestyle Pro Tour that will crown the '2015 European Freestyle Champion'.

Fred Bosson, president of the local association 'Six Fours Windsurf Organisation', is actually working hard with his crew to launch another great final stop for the European Freestyle Pro Tour 2015. 'The only thing we do not control is the wind'' says Bosson. 'It is now 2 years that we have relocated the event to the reknown local spot 'Brutal Beach', and unfortunately the wind did not collaborate that much. Let's pray for a blast this year !'

Nevertheless, the event now has a solid reputation thanks to the participation of some of the world's best freestylers like Dieter Van Der Eyken (current leader on the World Tour so far, winner of the EFE in 2012), Steven Van Broeckhoeven (Freestyle World Champion in 2011, winner of the EFE in 2013), Amado Vrieswijk (world ranked 3rd, 4th on the EFPT ranking so far), Adam Sims (5th on the EFPT), or newcomers like Caers (3rd on the EFPT and 11th on the World Tour) as well as the top frenchies Ruenes and Akgazciyan (both world ranked 4th) and local boy Bosson (world ranked 14th).

Great freestyle battles are so expected on this final stop in Six Fours les Plages, especially as Bosson - who is the current leader of the European Tour before the dutch stage - is playing at home !

And if the wind does not collaborate again, you know that there will always be something to watch at Brutal Beach, thanks to the 'Tow In' windsurfing ! More and more people now know this new discipline and as long as the sun shines, be sure that the crowd will come to the beach to enjoy the show from the boys.

So stay tuned thanks to our Facebook page, enjoy by now our new video trailer that mix different images from the past years, have a look at our website and we will keep you posted very soon with another press release.

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