Gran Canaria Le Defi Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge 2015

  • Alois Mühlegger
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The idea to include a Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge during Le Defi event was born during the first edition of the Dunkerbeck Speed Challege in 2014.

The organizer of Le Defi, Philippe Bru, was taking part in the event along with his son and after some brainstorming between heats, the project began to take shape.In both disciplines, Speed and Long Distance, the winner is the fastest windsurfer, so why not combine the two during the Le Defi? Thanks to the sponsorship of the Tourism Board of Gran Canaria this project is going to happen in 2015, just in time to celebrate the 15th an-niversary of the Le Defi event.

The Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge in Le Defi has a provisional date of Saturday the 16th of May 2015, depending on the weather conditions. It will be confirmed a week before! The event will only be for one day and all sailors interested in taking part should register before the start online via the website of Gran Canaria, registration is open from today.

Besides the The Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge in Le Defi we have an-other world premiere. We will organize the first ever-worldwide GPS challenge on the same day! It will give windsurfers all around the world the change to "virtual” compete with the competitors who are racing in Le Defi. To take part in a race like Le Defi is something that every wind-surfer should do at least once in their lifetime, with a great atmosphere, racing among 1.200 sailors.  It is a unique experience!

So if you are not going to be at the Le Defi event we are giving the chance to every sailor worldwide to take part in the Gran Canaria Le Defi Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge by having two different rankings, one for Le Defi participants, and a virtual one for those competing from their home spots. For more info on how to take part please visit

Here you find a step-by-step instruction how to register and how to post your speed session. During the event you also could register at the Gran Canaria stand located right at the beach camp. Competitors must bring their own compatible GPS devices according to the standard rules from .  The GPS will automatically detect the best 500m run during the daily race of Le Defi, only the times done in the long distance race will be valid.

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