Red Bull Storm Chase 2017

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Am 9. Januar 2017 startet der Contest und die Fahrer warten schon gespannt, welchen Last-Minute-Flug sie buchen müssen, um die besten Stürme abzureiten.

Red Bull Storm Chase 2016

Joining the previous finalists from last Red Bull Storm Chase, ten new names are on the shortlist for a last-minute call to chase down a winter storm Force 10 or higher.

What does it take to plunge head-first into the roughest, toughest windsurfing contest around? Skill, bravery, years of practice, the right gear – and the following ten sailors have all that. When the contest window opens January 9st, 2017, they could find themselves on a last-minute flight to a date with one of the winter’s most serious storms.

Once the contest is greenlighted, the judges will select four more finalists from the ten nominees listed below who will square off against the four set riders in a storm sailing contest. Our expert panel will choose the final attendees last minute, depending on availability and skillset. The nominees listed below are in no particular order of preference or ranking.

Red Bull Storm Chase 2016: Thomas Traversa

Nominees Jaeger Stone, Australia Ricardo Campello, Venezuela Adam Lewis, United Kingdom Antoine Martin, France Robby Swift, United Kingdom Philip Köster, Germany Kai Lenny, USA Camille Juban, France Victor Fernández López, Spain Jules Denel, France

Competition Slot Guaranteed Thomas Traversa, France Dany Bruch, Spain Leon Jamaer, Germany Marcilion Browne, Brazil

Upon confirmation of the green light 72 hours before the contest start, riders will have 48 hours to be onsite at the event location. Inability to arrive (with gear) means a rider will forfeit their place to another rider on the nominee list.

Red Bull Storm Chase 2016: Dany Bruch

Key Facts: • The world’s toughest windsurfing contest, requiring a Force 10 storm in a suitable location to occur • Contest window begins January 9th, 2017 and runs to March 12th, 2017 • Riders judged on jumps and wave riding – execution of tricks • Four riders are qualified from last event; four rider will be chosen from the shortlist of ten nominees • Fans (and riders) can propose locations • Event is confirmed only 72 hours before the start of competition

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