Red Bull Storm Chase blieb ohne Wind

  • Jeanette Borchers
 • Publiziert vor 3 Jahren

Am 17. März 2018 endete die Stand-By-Phase für den Red Bull Storm Chase. Leider blieb die Wartezeit ohne Wind.

Presse Info Red Bull zum Ende Der Storm Chase Watiing Period:

Red Bull Storm Chase, the world’s toughest windsurfing contest, closes waiting period – contest on hold until next storm season

A winter full of waves but not wind left Red Bull Storm Chase waiting on the brink March 17th: Red Bull Storm Chase competitors and crew have watched weather maps, ocean temps, windspeed and swell forecasts since January. With last winter failing to produce a suitable storm, anticipation in the entire windsurfing community was high. Unfortunately, high pressure systems kept all serious storms away from the most viable coasts for a contest. In fact, during the waiting period, only one weather system had the team on close watch – as opposed to multiple instances the previous year. This storm system, headed to the north of Ireland in mid-February, pushed the crew to the last possible minute before making the call that wind would be insufficient. Sports Director Klaas Voget weighs in. "This was the second year in a row we didn’t get the right storm for Red Bull Storm Chase. We all can’t wait to see it happen, but we can’t force nature, so we have to be patient until it comes up. Waiting for the right conditions is part of the deal if you want a windsurf contest on the highest level. For that we need sick conditions, and we don’t want to opt for second best. Let’s hope for next season!”

Red Bull Storm Chase will return during the next storm season – exact dates TBD.

Key Facts: • World’s toughest windsurf contest needed a Force 10 storm (100kph winds, 10m waves) • No storm in the contest period (05.01.18 – 17.03.18) provided suitable conditions • Red Bull Storm Chase will return next storm season – contest window to be announced

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