Red Bull Storm Chase Event blieb ohne Wind

  • Jeanette Borchers
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Leider hat dieser Winter nicht die nötigen Wetterbedingungen gebracht, um das Red Bull Storm Chase Event aufs Wasser zu bringen. Jetzt heißt es warten auf den nächsten Winter...

Red Bull Storm Chase Event blieb ohne Wind

Es gab einige Sütrme, aber am Ende reichten die Bedingungen nicht aus, um das Red Bull Storm Chase Event zu starten. Also beschlossen die Veranstalter, die Stand-By-Phase nun zu beenden und mit neuer Power im nächsten Winter wieder durchzustarten.

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Hier noch die offizielle Presseinfo von Red Bull: 

March 13th: Since early January, Red Bull Storm Chase competitors, organizers and crew have watched pressure maps, ocean temps, predicted wind speeds and swell forecasts – all in hope of the right combo of wind and waves. While several potential storms were tracked during the waiting period, none led to the issuance of the 120-hour alert.

Official meteorologist Dr. Meeno Schrader informs us: "Stratospheric warming events moved the high pressure that is supposed to sit over the North Pole region in winter, powering the storms around it. Instead, it moved further south, disturbing potential storm systems.” End result? No good action.

While disappointed, Sports Director Klaas Voget is sure it’s the right decision. "We’re not looking for just windy days, we’re the looking for a big storm system creating truly radical conditions that match the challenging requirements of the contest. The storm has to tick many boxes – stable forecasts and wind directions, size and duration of the system, temperatures, daylight, infrastructure. There have been several storms this winter and we’ve been tracking them all – but none delivered what needed.”

The good news? Red Bull Storm Chase will return next winter!

Key Facts: • World’s toughest windsurf contest needed a Force 10 storm (100kph winds, 10m waves) •  No storm in the contest period (09.01.17 – 12.03.17) provided suitable conditions

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