Robby Naish und Jason Polakow verkaufen Segel für den guten Zweck

  • Jeanette Borchers
 • Publiziert vor 4 Jahren

Robby Naish und Jason Polakow spenden den Erlös des Segelverkaufs für die Wings for Life Foundation. Mit diesen Segeln sind beide an den legendären Spots Nazare und Jaws gesurft.

Robby Naish und Jason Polakow versteigern ihre Segel für den guten Zweck

Jason Polakow schreibt uns (O-Ton):

WWe have chosen the Wings for Life Foundation, which aims at curing spinal chord injuries, just like the one from Baptiste Gossein. Now is a great time to promote the foundation, as we both will participate in the Wings for Life World Run on the 8th of May. You can find more information about the World Run and the Foundation here:

It would be great if you could help us to raise as much money as possible, by sharing the story on your online outlets. We created an auction on ebay, which you can find through this link 

The bidding is open for another 4 days, so please help us to spread the word. The money will go straight to this fundraiser that Robby and I started, so if you feel like donating some money as well, please do so at this link

Thank you very much in advance!"


Wings for Life Foundation

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