WaterZ Wassersportfestival 2016

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Die WaterZ Competitions und der PWA Windsurf World Cup Slalom finden vom 02. bis 09. September 2016 in Hvide Sande statt.

WaterZ Wassersportfestival 2016

Hvide Sande an der Westküste Jütlands ist einer der besten Wassersport-Spots in Nordeuropa. Hier – zwischen der rauen Gischt der Nordsee und den sanften Wellen des Rinkøbing Fjord – zeigt das WaterZ-Festival, was sich mit dem Element Wasser alles anstellen lässt: Vom Wind- und Kitesurfen übers Wakeboarden bis hin zu SUP.

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WATERZ facts: A TRIBUTE TO THE WEST COAST...  www.waterz.dk/en

WATERZ is a showcase to the world of the magnificent and unique nature which invites to all kinds of water sports and welcomes guests as well as locals. It is a world where Ringkøbing Fjord’s calm water, North Sea's wild roar, and the beautiful creeks are the paths to amazing experiences on the water. Here the elite of the world and all enthusiastic water sport people meet and share a passion for water! At WaterZ you will enjoy your favorite water sport with the rest of the passionated crowd and make it an everlasting memory! Whether you join in the water or stay on land - Hvide Sande always welcomes you!

WATERZ 2016 is hosting the following tours: • PWA Slalom Windsurf World Cup (about 80-85 professional competitors from all over the world) • Danish National Kite Freestyle Tour ( about 50-60 competitors with a very high level of freestyle) • Danish Kite Wave JAM – (about 30 competitors competing in kite wave both strapless and with straps) • Danish SUP Tour (about 50-60 competitors – flat water technical race) • Danish SURF tour (up to 64 surferes will be competing in the 3rd stop on the national tour) • Danish national wave/freestyle windsurf ( a stop on the national wave/freestyle tour)

WATERZ 2016 competitions: • Long Distance Challenge – up to 400 competitors in both windsurf and kitesurf, will be competing against each other in a race across Ringkøbing Fjord. This will be a pro/am competition. • Wakeboard competition – Kabelpark.dk will host the WATERZ Wakeboard competition, where up to 55 competitors will fight to win the title – WATERZ champion! • SUP race – SUP race in the harbor where 60-80 SUP athletes will be competing in the city center of Hvide Sande.

WATERZ Activities: • SUP the Harbor – A SUP tour for everybody to take part in. This will be the first time the SUP surfers will be let through the sluice valve into Ringkøbing Fjord. • WATERZ TRY activities – come and try out and join in the wonderful world of watersports. • WATERZ beginner to Pro Workshop – A windsurf workshop with professional windsurfer Davy Scheffers. • WATERZ Party – the biggest party will be at the 3rd of September and closing party will be at the 9th of September.

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Hvide Sande facts: Hvide Sande is a small city with around 3000 inhabitants that is build and created around the Harbor.

Hvide Sande Harbor is the 5th largest harbor in Denmark, with activities in fishing, offshore industry and cargo. Hvide Sande and the area around the city (Ringkøbing-Skjern Kommune), is the largest coastal tourism destination in Denmark. • 3000 inhabitants in Hvide Sande • Located at the 56° north latitude • In 1931 was the sluice separating the North Sea and Ringkøbing Fjord build. It is around the sluice that the city of Hvide Sande grew. • The sluice draining an area corresponding to the island of Funen (3,100 km²) • About 5 km north of Hvide Sande is Nørre Lyngvig Light House placed. It was built in 1906 after a major shipwreck in • Hvide Sande is an active commercial center, due to the many tourists visiting the area. • There is still a daily fish auction on the hour. Sundays during the summer there is also an auction for tourists. • There are a number of shipyards in the city both building and repairing ships. • Tourists come here because of the North Sea, to swim, take a walk, fish, surf and the biggest cable park in Denmark is also placed here. • There are 4 surf schools in the city, 3 on the Fjord side and 1 on the ocean side. Around the Fjord there are all together 9 surf schools.

Denmark Facts: Denmark is a small country with all the advantages of being small.

Nothing is far away, transport is easy both for touring around Denmark and for getting to and from the country. And it’s a global country with the advantages of being part of the European Union. • 54° and 58° of latitude north and 8° and 15° of longitude east • 43,098 square kilometers (excluding Faroe Islands and Greenland) • Coastline totaling 7,314 km • 407 islands of which 79 are inhabited • Largest islands: Zealand on which the capital of Copenhagen is situated, Funen and the North Jutland Island • Capital: Copenhagen • Population: 5,447,084 (2007) • Governance: Royal Monarchy • Climate: Temperate climate zone • Languages primarily spoken: Danish, English, Swedish, German, French • Sports Clubs: Estimated 15,000 • Members of Sports Clubs: Estimated 1.7 million • Great Danish Athletes: Thomas Bjørn (golf), Laudrup brothers – Michael and Brian (Soccer), Caroline Wozniacki (Tennis), Michael Maze (Table Tennis), Tine Rasmussen (Badminton), Jesper Bank (Sailing), Wilson Kipketer (Athletics), Tom Kristensen (Motor Sports), Andreas Helgstrand (Equestrian) • National Flag: Dannebrog • National Anthem: " I Know a Lovely Land" (Der er et yndigt land)

The Land of Associations

Denmark has a unique tradition for associations in the world of sports • Main ingredient is the volunteers in the clubs and an estimated 550,000 volunteers hold the Danish associations together • A large part of coaches and other personnel work for free in the amateur clubs and leagues • Other resources primarily come from local businesses as sponsors, free facilities such as the local school and also municipal support • Approximately 11,000 sports associations in Denmark 75 percent of the associations offer one kind of sport only • On top of the association list is football with around 1,600 clubs followed by handball with almost 900 clubs • Approximately 1.65 million Danes are members of one or more organized sports clubs – that is without counting the members of commercial gyms • One million of the members are men.

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