André Paskowski ist tot

  • Andreas Erbe
 • Publiziert vor 8 Jahren

André Paskowski hat den Kampf gegen den Krebs verloren. Er starb am 2. August 2013 im Alter von nur 31 Jahren. Die Windsurfszene trauert um den tollen Surfer, kreativen Filmemacher, liebenswürdigen Menschen und unermüdlichen Kämpfer.

André wusste, dass er den Kampf nicht mehr gewinnen kann und schrieb auf seiner Facebook-Seite die folgende Botschaft. Ruhe in Frieden, lieber André! Wir wünschen Andrés Eltern und seiner Freundin Carolina in dieser schweren Zeit unendlich viel Kraft, Stärke, Mut und gute Freunde. Das gesamte Team des surf Magazin verabschiedet sich mit großer Trauer vcn einem außergewöhnlichen Menschen.

Hello my friends, It's time for me to say goodbye. Over the last years we have given everything, but this fight was not one I could win, not even with the great support I got from all of you. Your comments and compassion have greatly helped me and my family during this difficult time. It has given me energy and motivated me to continue fighting and makes me feel that my public dealing with this illness was right.

In the first months I was able to build on the great strength reserves in my body which enabled me to pursue my passion of windsurfing almost fully, despite chemo and surgeries. During this time, the chances of complete recovery were still very high, but with such a diagnosis, I tried to organize my life anew.

In the 10 years of my professional windsurfing career, I rarely spent more than 30 days a year in Germany. My parents almost spent more time with me at the airport than at home in Hamburg. This is why, besides putting a lot of energy into my last film project, I've tried to spend as much time possible with them. I got to show them the most beautiful places in the world, show them why I loved my job so much and make them acquainted with many of my good friends. We enjoyed this time very much and are thankful that we were able to experience it.

My greatest joy was that I met my girlfriend Carolina and was allowed to spend the best time of my life with her. Despite the fact that by this time my disease was already advanced, we went on some great trips and didn't leave a single wave unridden. She was by my side until the end, something that demands great strength and for which I am grateful.

Carolina and a few other friends will finish my last film "Below The Surface". This Facebook page will stay on to feature news about this project in the future.

It is very hard to let go forever, I hope for my family, my friends and especially for Carolina, that they will soon get over the pain.

Don't be too harden yourself, be nice to one another and enjoy every moment in life.

Aloha, André

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