Interview mit Gollito Estredo zum Film "Four Dimension"

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Der zweifache Freestyle World Champion Jose Gollito Estredo im Interview mit Andre Paskowski zum neuen Film "Four Dimension" (englische Originalfassung, 31.08.2009)

Four Dimension

2 times freestyle world Champion Gollito Estredo is a busy men. Travling the world to catch best action on film and training for his last event take most of his time but still we could get some response on our Questions: Four Dimensions Team: Gollito. Congratulations to your 1st place at the World Cup Fuerteventura and your current leadership in the World Rankings. Season look like it goes like planed? Gollito: Yes i am so happy about all. Before the season started i was not sure. I watched movies from other riders wich impressed me. Especially Kiri looked very strong. After winning now the first 2 events i feel very happy and a bit more realaxed and motivated to contiune this way during our last event on Sylt. FD Team: Recently you have been traveling to Brasil. What was the reason? Gollito: Yes true. After Fuerte i visit Dr. Dwarf8 Beat in Tarifa to do a clinic with him and went then back home. After only 2 days at my house i travelled all the long way to Brasil. Brasil is close to venezuela but still i traveled 30 hours. In jeri (north Brasil) we filmed the last part of the four dimensions movie. FD Team: How was your time? Gollito: It was great. Well i did not have much time but we were able to sail different spots every day. I also could land a few new moves wish was a great training too. The most excisting was a helicopter ride to a new spot called icarai. We went together with Fabio the owner of ClubVentos and it was just great to see the coast line from above. FD Team: Can you tell us wish new moves that were? And will we see them inside the movie? Gollito: I landed flaka into Shakas, Flaka into no handed shakas and Flaka into Ponch – but dont tell anybody – because i like to be the only one performing this moves on Sylt. I guess Andre catched all on tape and so i am conviced to see them inside the movie still i have to say that the plan is to keep our brasil part with more lifestyle and traveling focus. FD Team: Now you are back home. Whats coming up on your time schedule on the next 4 weeks? Gollito: Yes thats right. I am in El Yaque right now spending and enjoying some time with my family and friends. This always gives me back the power for the tour. Then in 2 weeks i am going to Paskowski house and we will drive down to Lake Garda to do the Ion Men Contest. After i spend a few days in Andres House and we get ready for Sylt. There i try to win the 3rd world title and look forward to finally see the movie on big screen inside the cinema. FD Team: Have you not seen any parts of the movie yet? Gollito: I did see 2-3 Parts and i got impressed. The way of editing and the angles of filming combined with action, story and lifestyle was great. But the full movie will be even better i guess so i have to wait and see. FD Team: Do you do any spezial Training for Sylt? Gollito: No not really. I am sailing once it is windy and trying to push my level. But more then anything is that i look to get energy back to bring my level on the point in the most important minutes this year. FD Team: Thanks for your Interview. Gollitos Sponsors: Fanatic, North, Ion, Smith, Dwarf8, Vestal

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